Having discovered carpentry on a family friend’s property, Oliver’s curiosity for the betterment of the building industry and fulfillment as a creator has been something that he has taken with him for the entirety of his career.

After finishing his apprenticeship, Oliver created Woodsters to become a vehicle for a new breed of carpentry services that better built environments and restore a sense of craftsmanship and art to the construction industry.

Put simply, Woodsters has three activities that are centric to every project.


To know is to engage appropriately. Before anything, a space is observed to ascertain what it is to be used for and how construction will enhance that use.


Concepts are turned into plans, and a built environment is imagined, discussed, and finalised with the goal of providing a solution to the observed needs of the space in question.


Quality speaks for itself, and our constructions would not be able to talk if it weren’t for the uncompromising quality of the materials that we use. We never cut corners in the construction process so that the function of the space will be durable and effective for many, many years.

If you haven’t already, take a look at some of our recent work here.


-       Domestic & Commercial Renovations
-       Fitouts
-       Custom Furniture & Fixtures
-       Drafting

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Oliver Burscough
Director at Woodsters Furniture & Carpentry

Oliver B.